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A Note to Those Who Ordered T-Shirts for Home Delivery


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I promised you all that I would have your T-shirts to you by Tues/Wed of this week. I wanted to ship your T-Shirts and stickers together, but FedEx didn't deliver the stickers to me in time. So, I've mailed your T-Shirts to you and when the stickers show they'll go out in a separate envelope, hopefully today.


Anyway, I just wanted to keep you all informed.

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Bart Anderson

The mailman just delivered my t-shirt! WooHoo! smile.gif


It looks great, Fernando...thanks for all your hard work in making this happen!


See y'all in Gunnison,



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The Tee-shirts arrived today and look great. Thanks for all of the effort on this and many other activities that will make our gathering in Gunnison a terrific event.


Look forward to seeing you there.



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Great Job Fernando, Got my shirt in the mail yesterday. You the man. See you in Gunnison if not earlier on the road.


Wurty, You make the economy go around. Keep using that plastic. Currently, listening to Greenspan as I type this along with the stupied people we vote for and put in office. It doesn't make a difference what party either.



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Mine just arrived. Many thanks, it looks great. Now I'm ready to go.


Old rider,


Sadly, you are right. Doesn't matter which party. They are mostly the same.

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Thanks. Have both shirts and decals. Great quality and service.


Just wish I could have worn it in Gunnison

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