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2001 R1100RT-P: Nose fairing removal?


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Anyone have experience with this? I've got my tank and fairings off to do some rewiring under the dash, and am considering biting the bullet to just pull off the entire nose, both for access and maybe for repainting. From reviewing the manual, it doesn't look that complicated, i.e. after the side fairings, tank, mirrors, window screen are off, there appear to be a half dozen screws (plus the plug to the headlight) to remove, and off it comes.


At least, that's what my BMW manual indicates.


Thanks .. Scott

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I've had mine off my 1150. The only problem I had was there wasn't enough clearance for me to pull the little parking light until after I had the whole front end loose, which left me carefully balancing it on fender and knee while trying to pull down on the light (and reversing said procedure on installation). The wiring was just a couple of connectors. I'm assuming, of course, that your 1100 is similar.

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I did it with little/no training. I'm *sure* you can manage it!


There's all kinds of relays, and loose wires under that there fairing! Besides, it gives you really decent access to rewire or trace things.

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It's just that easy.


Don't be fooled later when going to put it back on by four what look to be studs in the inside middle of it that should have nuts on them. They do not, they are just guides.

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Thanks for the "heads up" guys. I'll find myself some BMW paint, pull the fairing, finish the electrical wiring, and repaint the front fairing and mirrors.



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