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Southern Adirondack Bday Loop


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Yesterday I bid the fam "adieu" saying to fend for dinner and I headed North for a birthday ride. My plan was to get as far as I could in daylight taking pics and then to return in a beeline for home in the dark.


Here's my route (Idea stolen from Doug Q):



Within a half mile I ventured along Loughberry lake, the first of many along my route:



This is outside Corinth:



Then after, a turn onto Stewart's Dam road (I thought it was a nice road):



Along South Shore Road




Of course if you go far enough you come to Stewart's Dam at Great Sacandaga Lake, but this is Conklingville Dam (I think):



And along North Shore Rd for 10 miles or so:








Oh oh, my reverie is interrupted by a Flatbed truck pulling out on me. On top of ANOTHER flatbed truck! It had a bunch of dirt and grass and weeds growing in it waving in the breeze up there.



I passed on the double yellow and took this pic of the covered bridge near Edinburg:



Up the hill to Edinburg:



Oh oh there he goes again. There's a 75% chance he won't turn right toward Northville like I will...



OK, so this is me entering Northville on Main St after a sloooow ride:



He won't take Bridge St, I'm SURE. Here's the view from the bridge:





Hey, he turned left on 30. I went right to head north:



Farther into the Adirondacks:



The trees were almost at peak farther north:







Up to Pleasant Lake:






On the way to and by Indian Lake:











By Sunset I reached the "View point" - a gorgeous construction site view with some mountains in the background:



After that it was a quick dinner at the local gas station/deli in Indian Lake then follow 28 back to the Northway and on home.


Total time 4 hours, and 168 miles. I missed two great pictures - both of giant does who insisted on being pedestrians. I turned around to get one and she stayed put until I was ready to squeeze the button and voom she vanished into the woods. The second one darted off the road long before I could get the camera out, but I DID miss obliterating each of us (OK I almost was going 3 digits at that point). I slowed down after that. The northern roads reminded me of Oregon in that I was the only person for several miles. They differ in the presence of beautiful colors and absence of sherriffs and 10000 foot peaks. Life is a tradeoff.



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Nice pics Phil, you have my luck with trucks. On one ride this summer I had two septic trucks, three dump trucks, a logging truck & a trash truck pull out in front of me, all at different times on that single ride.




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Great pics! It looks like you had a little better weather in the Lake Pleasant/Speculator area than I did in 2006:




I believe this is the same crossing in Speculator, shot from the opposite direction.

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Yup that's the spot. I enjoyed 70 degrees - the temp was amazing for this time of year!


I seem to have lost my pic of Lewey lake. The last time I was there we had your weather in July, but that was over 30 years ago.

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Great pics. Nice to see some of the Ads again. I am originally from Baldwinsville, NY and we vacations often in the number lakes (1st, 2nd, 3rd, you get the picture) and Forked Lake. Thanks.

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had many a good time in the adirondack area during my formative years. the countryside in your pictoral essay brings back memories. thanks wave.gif

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Thanks for sharing!


I lived in Plattsburgh, NY for about 2 years. We were real close to Ausable Chasm, and I spent alot of time flying (yes... like as in light planes) and driving the Adirondacks.


Great pics. Thanks again.

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Can't think of a better way to spends ones birthday. Happy Bday. Sorry I'm going to miss your tech daze, I'll be at the COG fall foliage rally in Lake George.

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Ray!!! That's 18 whole miles away (to the southern end of the lake). Please stop in or something.


No promises, but if circumstances allow a side trip to North East Stone Soup tech daze for a meet and greet, it would be my pleasure. Hope to see you then.

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Me too. It's 81 degrees right now, maybe even hotter.


We'll see what next weekend will bring weather wise, but I expect rain and cooler this week and hope for sun on Sat and Sun...

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Those frogg Toggs have a sliming effect lmao.gif


Yep, for the Great Pumpkin, I look pretty slim!


Oops, I misread it. I thought you said "slimming" effect, but you said "sliming" effect. They may be ugly, but I don't think they make me look slimy! grin.gif

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Those frogg Toggs have a sliming effect lmao.gif


Yep, for the Great Pumpkin, I look pretty slim!


Oops, I misread it. I thought you said "slimming" effect, but you said "sliming" effect. They may be ugly, but I don't think they make me look slimy! grin.gif




Truth be told, I misspelled "Slimming" dopeslap.gifmy bad. Maybe if I ask Leslie, she can have the font made larger in the posting screen. Reading glasses will also work.

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