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Adding more luggage?


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I have the R1100RT with 3 factory bags. With only a few days on the machine so far, I have stowed for two of us, so far, rain gear, gloves and some other clothing, small tool kit and safety items, tire patch etc., half cover for bike,

we carry 3) 32 oz water bottles, 2 fanny packs with our personal stuff, and seem to be out of room to carry some comfy shoes, change of clothes and much of anything else.


We are hoping to do a PA to VA, 3 day run this month. I thought of adding a set of bags, about 9"x16" on top of the BMW factory bags, mounting under the rear seat and letting them set on top. There was a set of First Gear bags that were quite nice for about $145, seemed to be shaped nicely. Just wondered if anyone else has added something like this for a short trip.


I was considering one of the waterproof travel bags, but have not seen any with side mounted handles for an easy attachment under the seat.


Thanks in advance!

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What you're saying will certainly work. I personally opt for waterproof duffels - they're a lot less than $145. How you strap them down is important. You might want to look at Helen Two Wheels Straps , ROK Straps , and Bungee Buddies.


If you've got an extra $400, you might want to look at a Givi 46L or 52L case to replace your BMW top case. The BMW case is nice enough, but the shape of the bottom makes it really inefficient. The Givi cases hold a LOT more in a footprint that's not that much bigger. HERE is a link to one vendor and the 52L case. But there are several places on the web to purchase Givi products. Another nice thing about the Givi is that you can get a luggage rack that mounts to the top if you still need to add more soft luggage.

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Thanks for those links!


I was looking for those little clips, which I saw on another bike last week.


If my helmets get here soon, I will venture out to Cabelas, and see what they have. I stopped at Army Navy, they had the absolute perfect type bag for $40, but it was too big. I wanted to make sure I didn't over do it, and find my bags trying to leave the bike on the Interstate.


Another rider I talked to put X-wide BMW side covers on his stock BMW cases, and painted them to match his bike. I forget exactly what he called them, but it did extend the width significatly.


Sure was a lot easier to travel by motorcycle at 25 than it is at 50+!


These soft bags will do the job. Thanks!

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Just curious if your soft bags are mounted only to your side luggage with the red straps, or otherwise strapped to the bike, through the seat or frame?


One hell of a setup you have there! That is exactly what I am looking to do, with just a bit less than you have.


Damn, that looks awful top heavy.


Curious what RPM's do you usually drive at? Thanks!!

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I put a waterproof compression sack on top of my luggage rack. I haven't tried tying a wcs to the top of the side cases. I think I could just use a single nylon compression strap. Hmmm, I might have to buy 1 or 2 more sacks.

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You use a single Helen-2-Wheels strap for each medium size clothes sack bag from her company (H2W).

You attach each end loop to the grab rails for the passenger and then loop it thou the webbing on the bag and back to the rail to the short end of the strap. This will be like an arm rest for the passenger.

See picture or her website.

Of course you can buy the larger lids for the system cases (I have a set for sell, only used on one trip), that will give you 6 liters more space per side.


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Do the bags on top of the RT system cases scratch the paint? Did you do anything to protect them?


I'm not a total weenie about scratched paint, but I don't want a big rub mark on top of a new painted case.


After looking at these photos, I'm going to strap down the 2 halves of a double sleeeping bag on top of each case in dry bags. I was just going ot use a bungee buddy or a couple nylon compression straps to aroudn the bag and the grab handle.

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Did you do anything to protect them?


A VERY valid concern. I carried a camp chair across my back seat once, and the nylon cover whipped in the wind and left a big black mark on one of my lids.


There are clear, permanent protector kits available. See HERE as an example. I just use a little blue painter's tape for the duration of the trip.


On a slightly different note, I apply wax frequently to my painted lids - really helps prevent boot scuffs.

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We use the front soft panniers from Aerostich. Shown here on our GS, but they will work just fine on the RT. Gets some of the weight up front too.



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have wife/girlfriend wear a small backpack, mine does and it does not interfere with trunk or bags on the luggage rack and her camelback pouch goes in there as well.


I also delete non essentials like a bike cover - that is at least equivalent to a change of street clothes.

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