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Magellan Crossover


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We got this for our car, never expecting to even own a bike. Now that we have the bike, I found it impossible to see the display, except in shade or when the sun has pretty much gone down. It is mounted on a crossbar between the grips, and changing the mounting angle has not made much difference. I am not able to hear the voice commands, except at stops. Thought I would use an ear piece, maybe keep the unit in my pocket, but I can barely hear it at all with the earbuds, and I have tried every different kind I had around the house.


I also thought of using an external powered speaker, but there are none small enough to be reasonable to mount. This is really great for $300. Just wondered if anyone had any tips, and has used this. Thanks!

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I've been trying to solve this headphone issue for almost three weeks. Hours on the phone with CS from India, tech support to the people that offer US warranty, and nothing. I have tried about 6 different types of I-pod earbuds, and the sound was barely audible, in the house. I found a full size set of old Aiwa's laying around today, and they work great. Wondered if anyone could explain why the full size headphones work, and not earbuds? Thanks!

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