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RT Sales Data


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It's their 1st or 2nd best selling model the the R1200GS. I blieve I read that they only sold 16,000 since '95. SO I'd guess they sell around 2000/year in the US.

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I tried to find this info a while ago and the best I could do was a press release (link) from BMW Australia with sales stats from 2006. BMW sold 100,064 bikes world wide; of those 13,384 were R12RT's (13.4%). They sold 12,825 bikes in the US. Assuming the worldwide average holds (could be a bad assumption) they would have sold about 1,715 in the US. If anyone has the real numbers I'd also like to see them.


I also thought it was interesting that sales almost tripled from 35,219 in 1993 to 100,064 in 2006.

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