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Please help me find an LED signal strip like Torrance, CA Police HDs now have

Bill Dennes

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The Torrance, CA police dept. has started riding Harleys. The radio box on these bikes has an LED signal strip on the back of it that is a tail light, a brake light and turn signals.


This one is unique to me because while the tail and brake lights are red, the turn signals are yellow. If you divide the width of the LED strip into thirds, the turn signals work in the outside thirds, leaving the center third always red (tail or brake light). When the turn signals are flashing, there is no red visible in the 1/3 of the strip that is flashing yellow.


I visited the Harley dealer and found out that the LED strip is not a Harley part. He thinks that the radio box vendor probably supplied it with the box.


I was just about to order an LED strip from Rider Wearhouse, but theirs is all red LEDs. I really like the idea of the yellow turn signals.


Can anybody help me identify this gadget?



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Find one of the motor guys at a gas station and find out who outfits their bikes. He'll prob tell you. Or you could ask to snoop and see if a make/model is stamped on the lens of the LED.


Otherwise, my guess is that it's either a Whelen Strip Light, model # PSRASXCR. This is a stop/tail/turn with amber signals.




(bottom row, middle) Or, it could be a model by 911EP, model #LS12-STT.




I have used both 911EP and Whelen products, and would go with the latter. Hope that helps.

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Thanks to Snod and MattP.


Snod - This is the one I was considering until I saw the TPD bike.


MattP - The Whelan looks kinda like it but the turn signal segments are exclusively yellow instead of red or yellow. Also, how do I get the dimensions of the Whelan strip?


I'm still looking.



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Bill, If you find what you're looking for please let us know or PM me. I might be interested in adding more LED's also

Thanks thumbsup.gif

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Where are you putting these lights? You could use the Hyper-lites, I put a 16 segment LED on either side of my license plate. They are dual function running and brake lights (when they function as brake lights they are very bright and flash continously while holding the brake). I also made 2 simple brackets and have 2 more dual function 16 led modules that are attached to my large top box. They are connected to the lower lights with a small 3 conductor trailer plug. I then put 16 LED amber turn signal hyperlites under each mirror. Very noticeable. You could also use flexible LED strips that are available in red and amber.

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My vague plan is to build a bracket to place the strip just under the mount for my Givi top box. This is as high as I could get the thing, and would allow it to be used whether or not the top box were there.


Thanks for the excellent reference in your second reply. I could build almost what I have in mind by doubling up some yellow strips with the outside segments of their 3-segment red strips.

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The Whelen Strip Light is 1-3/8” H x 1-3/8” W x 11-1/2” L.


Take a look here




And you might browse a little, they have a lot of good stuff, all LE grade. But if the TPD light really toots your horn (or siren, as it were), just keep an eye out for one that's parked and figure out what it is, or at least where it came from. I can speak from experience grin.gif that a fellow cyclist with a legit question is a welcome change from the onslaught of BS that they are dealing with the majority of their day. thumbsup.gif He won't mind the question, and who knows- maybe you getting one will result in one less accident he's working a month from now.....

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