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BC has lit up the <!> symbol


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I see the <!> symbol on ocassion. I checked the manual and it says I am low on oil. I checked the level on the centerstand after waiting overnight. I can still see the oil.


What do you think the problem is? It is not on all the time.

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I had the same issue right after my 6,000 service. Turns out my oil level was too low even though it looked to be about a 1/3 of the way up the sight glass when on the center stand. You may want to add some more oil to bring it up to about 3/4 full of the sight glass and your icon for low oil should disappear.


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+1 for what Bruce said.


Mine does the same thing. Once I'm down to about 1/3 from the bottom the <!> symbol starts to come on depending on how level the surface is.


P.S. nice XS650 Cafe project! thumbsup.gif

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My 06 has done the same thing. If I'm much below the half way point in the glass, I'll get the <!> from time to time. Usually it's on a hot day and the next time it's fine without adding any oil. I usually do add just to keep the irritating symbol from showing up (but hey it's supposed to be irritating right? grin.gif). Also, with around 15k miles I don't seem to be using any more oil so I haven't seen the little symbol recently. thumbsup.gif

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I checked the manual and it says I am low on oil. I checked the level on the centerstand after waiting overnight.


You are not checking it according to the manual. Instead of cold, it should be checked hot after a "longer trip". Just running for a few mins. and shutting down will still give an incorrect reading.

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My 06 has the <!> syndrome as well. Day I was riding it home from the dealer actually! LOL confused.gif Long and short, the mechanic (who seems to be very competent and comes highly recommended) tells me some RT's are more sensitive than others... the sight glass has approx 1/2 of 1 quart of view and the sensor sometimes has a habbit of using the short dips in pan level during hard acceleration and or breaking to show low oil levels. The remedy is, ofcourse, to add oil to the top off line or live with it (BMW had not been replacing them under warranty unless failure was noted).


As far as oil burning, I was also told the RT will burn a bit of oil until approx 6-10 K and will fully seat the rings (progressively over time) after that. Seems to follow suit with some others experience with the Boxer twins I'm hearin. I'll prob go synthetic after the 10K oil change.

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