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Need Help......


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I am in over my head with rebuilding this crashed Beemer.confused.gif


We just finished moving into a new house with a three car garage so there is plenty of room to wrench.


Anybody still willing to come over and help? grin.gif

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Well, I said I would before, so I guess I'd better stick to it, eh? grin.gif


Lessee, I could leave here Friday mid-morning. Would that work for you? Of course, if you get some more "local" help, that might be preferable.

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That's cool bro...B-Town is a long ways from SD just to do a little wrenching. Don't worry about it I am sure I can get it taken care of.


Thanks anyway



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I'll keep watching this thread. If the end of the week comes around and nobody closer has volunteered, I'll plan on coming up on Friday.


BTW, I'm thinking you might get more response if you posted in the "Motorcycle Talk" section, even though it's an Oilhead you need help with.

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Hey Bill.


At this point I think having you, or anybody, come over would be a bust. I thought I was going to have to replace the rear sub-frame, but once I took the back end apart it was only the luggage rack holder that was destroyed. So now I have an extra rear subframe, but not the parts I really need.


There are a couple of things that maybe I could get some help with my remote control though.


I replaced the front subframe and rewired it, but.....




The plug circled in red come off the tach and there is that other plug attached to the wiring harness which I have no idea what to plug into.


Secondly when I apply power to the bike everything works, but the tach goes up ot 7k RPM...I have traced the circuit as best I can, but am stumped.


Any insight on these issues?





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OK, when you've got the parts and need the help, say the word. My schedule's pretty flexible.


I can't say the connectors in the picture speak to me. I tried to attach a page from the BMW manual showing the harness routing in the front, but I can't shrink it down to less than 75K. If you don't have the BMW manual, let me know and I'll email it to you.

[on edit] Just checked your profile and realized that your bike is an 1100, while my manual is for an 1150, so it may not apply. Same for my comment below re checking my bike.[end edit]


Oddly, my BMW manual lacks wiring diagrams. My Haynes manual has 'em, though. If you don't have a Haynes manual, maybe I can scan the relevant page(s) for you.


Since I'm not going to Bakersfield this weekend after all, I'll probably start tearing into my own RT for the overdue 36K service on Friday. Once I get the tupperware out of the way, I'll see if I can see where those connectors are and what they connect to.

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Ok, Thanks.


Good luck with the service and thanks for the offer to copy the Haynes manual. I do have that and have spent some hours puzzling over it.


Regarding the tach it looks like one pin is ground, one pin is power and the other pin (black wire) goes to the Motronic, which I am guessing is the control circuit. When I put a meter on the pins I get a steady 12 volts across the board. I don't know if that means anything to you, but just thought I'd bring it up.


Thanks again and I will let you know when I get more parts.



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