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Good source for Shoei helmets


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Does any one know of a good source for Shoei helmets? I purchased a new Shoei helmet from Helmet Harbor last year, but it seems they have gone up on their prices . They are offering the standard 10% discount most retailers offer (I think Shoei tries to inforce a pricing policy).

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I think MotorcycleUSA has free shipping on orders over $100. That makes a difference. I've had good customer service with them on returns and so forth.

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You might check this Ebay guy out



He usually has a lot of brands, although the store seems to have just HJC at the moment. I bought one from him earlier this year. Great prices and shipping.

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I found a like-new Shoei X-11 on Craig's list, with 2 face shields and all the paperwork, for about $180. I know that's really hit or miss, but for that kind of savings I'll sure keep an eye out for my next one before I drop 4x that amount shopping retail.

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