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CELL PHONE NUMBERS: We WILL need to talk to each other.


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I think that as we go about organizing things on Sunday and pushing them through on Mon/Tues., that we will have need to communicate with each other. I imagine we'll be running a few errands here and there. Also, someone may be at the other end of the KOA when they're needed at the Reg Desk or some other distant place.


Anyway, I intend to have my cell with me and ON. I suggest if you plan to do the same, that we exchange cell numbers here, where only we can see them.


Mine's (909) 238-7191.


Once we've got everyone's we can just copy them down on a master sheet and keep it in our wallets.

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I'll also have a laptop and email/web access. If any of you need it, you are welcome to use it.

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Verizon's website shows very strong coverage in Colorado. However, I'm curious. What's a tri-mode phone? I have an analog/digital phone. Is that a dual-mode? What's the third mode?

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I'll also have a couple of FRS radios, and a lot of people have these on bikes. How about picking a channel? Chi-Town standard is 7-2 (because PB can't figure out how to change her radio off that channel smile.gif).

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Dave, BMWRT standard (whatever the heck that is) is 2-0. Some people don't have the subchannels. If we stick with that, it might make it easier.

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Mike, thanks for the idea. We all WILL need to be in touch with each other to make sure things flow smoothly.

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