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Accessory Mount Bar under windscreen at El Paseo


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My memory, Jeez! I feel like a forgetful fool!


Anyway, here goes ... I was talking to someone at El Paseo who had a horizontal accessory bar mounted just underneath the windscreen but above the instruments on an 02-04 RT. And now I can't remember who I was talking to! Sorry. crazy.gif


I am interested in researching that configuration. Would the real smart guy please stand up and PM me or reply? confused.giflurker.gif

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Hi Craig, it sounds like a Gadgetguy mount.
Eureka. I did find it on the Gadgetguy site. It was the same price that guy quoted (sort of expensive). I just need to configure it to hold a Zumo, XM ant, & V1.


I also need to remember the person's name who had it. It was just a couple days ago!


Thanks for the assist guys. thumbsup.gif

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was it this one?
No, it was the one below. Besides ... I knew who you were before EP X.


However, that said, I do like your shelf arrangement, too. Where's yours from?


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