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Flippin Oil Icon


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Just got the 3000 mile service for my RT. Oil was changed and now the oil trouble icon periodically displays and then goes out. Did the same thing till the 600 mile service and then was perfect until this last service. Is this another software snafu? Drives me nuts.....

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Your oil level is probably in that grey zone and is tripping the warning at times. You can ignore it until it stays on consistently, or you can add an ounce or 2 of oil to make it stay off.



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Is you bike an early '06? And, if so, have you had the software and float update?

After having the update on mine, the oil level warning only comes on when the level is just above the bottom of the sight glass. Adding about 7~8 oz. then brings it up to the middle.


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I had this all the time when my 1200RT was new and it happened whenever the oil level went to half way down the glass.


I always kept it up to the top and the problem disappeared - however,

I have convinced myself that my engine sends less vibration up to the bars with less than a full glass - so I am now trying to hold the level at 2/3rds....


Try experimenting. Interested to hear if anyone else has the same idea about the vibes.........





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Went for a 50 mile ride the other night after adding oil to show just below the top of the sight glass. It worked...no trouble icon. I'll just have to keep a close eye on it.

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