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GS Handguards on an ST?


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I fitted these on my RS and the fit grom the GS was perfect, other than the gaurds striking the fairing a little at full lock, but has anyone fitted them to an ST?


It's not that i like the looks of them (getting close to a touchy subject here on STs! ooo.gif), but they are without a doubt the best protection I've ever experienced for cold and rain.



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Pat, I did consider these, there is a similar product in the UK too and in common use by couriers, but today for instance in Glasgow, was like a mid summers afternoon, temperatures in the high teens with a clear blue sky and pleasent air temp. The ST has zero storage capacity to stow the muffs on such days. Last Thursday I left home around 6AM, when my wife put out some shirts of mine to dry in the back garden. (on a rope that is, not literally the garden) and within an hour they were frozen solid! ooo.gif. Like me. After reading a thread here today, I've ordered a Gerbings heated jacket liner and the plastic hand guards are a relatively neat compromise for these fresh mornings and my once weekly 200mile commute.


I can see the hippo hands being better for the serious winter riders, but I'll chicken out when the salt goes down.

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