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ittech's UN VI trip report/photos


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(cross-posting in UN VI)


So I'm finally back from another crazy long motorcycle trip.


Pic of route, day trip rides not included:



Took 27 days mostly off of work (got to love mobile broadband/cell phones) to go out and meet up again with my great friends at the BMWST Unrally VI (www.unrally.com) (www.bmwst.com) and ride around the great roads of West Virgina. Of course saw some beautiful country on the way out in the desert of Nevada, the red rock cliffs of S. Utah and the Rockies in Colorado. Couple of days across the flat states and I arrived in WVA to some humid but still pleasant weather. Saw a bunch of people I hadn't seen in a while, had some good times and good food, not to mention the great unstriped one lane backroads. Then from there I kind of just planned day by day where I was going, what I was going to see etc. Ended up heading north to Niagra Falls, checking out Toronto for a day while a flat was fixed. Many thanks to Budd's BMW Motorrad of Oakville for getting me fixed up ASAP, hiring me a car for the day and also fixing the fork seals and slight engine oil leak. (latter of which Santa Rosa BMW hadn't figured out in 3 visits)


Then I headed back down into the UP of Michigan to pick up a replacement motorcycle mount for the failed Zumo 550, and out to Theodore Roosevelt NP (South) in Medora, ND. Medora was a great little town mostly owned by the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation and pretty much still around just for Tourism and Golf, with it's handy location right outside the park. After a couple of days in the hot badlands, it was back north through Canada to Jasper and Banff National Parks, which are just freaking incredible. It was quite cold and I was happy I bought Gerbing's (heated clothing) in St. Cloud MN from a friendly HD dealer. (thanks for looking all over for that BMW plug adapter!)


Jasper Park Lodge is the nicest single property I've stayed at. The combination of a great 4 star Fairmont property with the beautiful relatively isolated location and scenery made it a total winner and a must stay if you are in the area. Had a full day of exploring the area with limited rain/flurries, then headed down Icefields parkway (CAN-93) which is one of the most scenic highways in North America. It was also quite cold, overcast, snowing flurries now and then as well. Got to walk out on Athabasca Glacier a bit and then head down into Banff in some heavy rain. Checked out Lake Louise and had a nice ride along the side roads in the area then headed back home via Spokane and Klamath Falls.


You can see my favorite pictures of the trip here:



Or in Slideshow format:



Or just browse all the photo's I've uploaded:



I processed all of these lightly and quickly from the road on my tiny and not so color accurate XPS M1210 but still got some great shots. Hope you enjoy them!



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Amazing pix from an amazing trip! You should do this for a living. I swear some of those photos could be used for Canadian post cards! thumbsup.gif

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