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Power Loss on ST. Electrical or Mechanical


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Only just last week did my ST suffer from total power loss when under hard accelaration. This happens in third, fourth and fifth. I'll be sitting at just under 6k, ready for an overtake, see my gap, open throttle... nothing. Then full power about a stuttering half second or so later.


My thoughts are firstly of a mechanical failure, as my RS g'box went and the symptoms were similar, but more akin to a slipping clutch. (in this case, I have enough time to look down at the rev counter to see if the revs are rising when the bike speed is not:- revs are staying at 6k, which makes me think the problem is electrical confused.gif) If this is the case I can see a poorly timed trade in looming. However I've asked a few people and had various answers about fuel filters, blockages, coils overheating and burning out (apparently common on some Japanese bikes where coil is on head), electrical shorting on low tension side of coils, bad spark plug(s), etc.


I fear the worst and hope the gearbox is alright, but in the meantime, has anyone else had any trouble like this on thier R1200?, any details would be appreciated.


My bike has 38k miles with a disproportionate number of them at high stress full power changes.


Any assistance or pointers would be much appreciated, as I still rate this being the best bike I've ever had and ridden. (for my needs that is...)



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The 7.xx update package includes a fix for hesitation upon acceleration. That could be your problem. Sounds like a trip to the dealer is in the cards.



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Or it's the plug-cap coils which are breaking down under harsh acceleration. There can be quite a lot of corrosion on the coils.

Or if you've had a service at the 36,000 and the tank came off, maybe you have a pinched fuel line. Is there eveidence of suction when you open the filler cap?

Off to your friendly dealer!

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I just picked up my '05 ST from its 12k service on Thursday (13.5k miles). When I dropped it off I also complained of serious hesitation on hard acceleration (like when going from 70mph to 90+ mph in 6th gear).


Turned out to be a bad plug.

BTW the plugs are only warranted to 24k miles.

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Thanks Guys, thumbsup.gif I'm feeling pleased already! I'll change the plugs and will buy the R1200 DVD maintenance manual to see if there's a way to test an intermittant failing coil! (all was ok this morning, but it's very cold out. I've got a few maintenance issues that need addressing now that the machine is out of warranty, I'll DIY it.


John, A friendly BMW dealer? I wish. We have one in Glasgow and the staff are, to say the least, lacking. There is another in Dundee (160m round trip) that I may switch to. I wouldn't rely upon the local assistance, the attitude with some of their staff is considerably misplaced and I've just about had enough of them.


Many thanks for the pointers.

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