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Can't get my front shock torqued... HELP!


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I mounted my Wilbers front shock, but when I try to torque the top nut, the whole shock turns within the coil spring. Is this normal? How can I hold the shock in place while tightening the nut? Thanks


BTW, I assume that you need to take off the rubber bushing and spacer that were on the old shock and reuse them on the new one right?

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RE-use the stock rubber bushings, spacers, etc. for the top shock mount.

The very top of the shock shaft should have an allen type head on it. Use that to hold the shaft and torque the nut with a crowfoot type of adapter on your torque wrench.



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There is no allen head on the shaft. Going to have to figure a way to hold it at the spring. Did I hurt anything by rotating the shock the way I did? Thanks

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OK, I got it tightened to spec. There is a small nut that sticks out the side of the shock shaft at the top. Looks to be where the remote preload adjusters are hooked up at. Anyway, I wedged a socket between that and the frame and torqued to spec. I probably could have just let it go as it was. I only had to move the nut a very small amount to hit the spec. At least I have piece of mind now about it being right. Thanks

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