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Suburban Machinery Footpeg Lowering Install Tips


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In my never-ending attempts to get a riding position I can live with, I ordered and received a set of Suburban Machinery footpeg lowering blocks for the R1200RT. I won't bother with describing their wonderfulness, as that's been covered many times here.


But the install instructions are just a couple, three things shy of total clarity, so it took about 25 minutes instead of five minutes to install them.


1. The factory pegs are held on by pin, which in turn is held in place with a circlip at the bottom. A small screwdriver will pop the circlip right off, be ready to catch it or you'll spend the afternoon searching the garage floor for it. It slips back on the new pin with just a fingernail.


2. You really should go ahead and lower the shifter one tooth on the spline, while you're at it. Go ahead and take the aluminum side panel off, there's only three bolts and two screws to get it off, just takes a minute. MARK the original location with a Sharpie or something. The shift arm is held in place with a pinch bolt, which of course rather than being a regular hex is one of those Torx deals. I didn't go buy a torx socket, though, a 1/4" socket fits just fine, didn't booger the bolt head up at all.


3. The brake pedal really needs to be lowered, too. All you need is a 10mm open end wrench, a light, and a pair of pliers. Loosen the nut on the bolt under the bike (just crane your neck down under the brake pedal, you'll see it) and COUNT THE NUMBER OF TURNS YOU MAKE ON THE BOLT. You want to screw the bolt IN, so loosen the locking nut quite a ways. I lowered mine almost as far as it will go, but experiment to see what works with your boot. Now, because you were smart and counted the turns, you can look without craning your neck at the back end of the pedal, behind the footpeg, and there's a rod with yet another locking nut. Up under the rubber cover thingie at the top of the bolt is a hex head you can hold with the pliers, while you loosen the locking nut a bunch, and screw the bolt in AS MANY TURNS AS YOU DID THE FRONT ONE [of COURSE I didn't do any counting, that's how I know it's a good idea!]. You should end up with the recommended 1/2 inch of play in the pedal before the brake engages.


Otherwise follow the instructions included in the little box.


I called them and the box arrived within three days. The shifter extension is recommended only for people with size elevens or larger, by the way. I didn't buy it, and believe I'll be fine with the lowered stock arm.


Dont' forget to put the circlips back on.



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