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Hello All,

My name is John and I am new here. I own a 1999 R1100R with 46000 miles and it is all stock. I've owned the bike since it was new but never really did any mechanical work on the thing other than oil changes. I've read thru the serch pages, but could not find much about fuel line replacement for my bike. I live in a hot place (Arizona)and one of my fuel lines needs replacing so I figure I might as well replace all the system lines (rubber only). Any tips on doing this would be great, I am not a mechanic and never worked on bikes before. Thanks in advance for the info.

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beleive me when i say i'm not a mechanic either, but thru the help fo this forum and some tech daze i've been able to perform most regular maint and some add'l fixes. do a search, look for tech daze in your area and generally read thru the threads. issues pop up all the time that are discussed, diagnosed and fixed.


BTW-welcome. wave.gif

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Welcome Esther!! I agree with BFish. Look for a tech day in your area. AZKaiser (Phoenix) had one about a year ago. What city do you live in? There could be somone nearby to help you. A tech day is obviously the best place to learn to service your bike. Just be patient and I am sure you will get many responses about replacing your fuel line. If it were me I would get some new high pressure line and new metal quick disconnects. Buying the OEM parts can get very expensive very quickly and they are not the best option in some cases.

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