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Looking for an expert on the R1100RT police model


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I've got snipped wires near the handlebar probably for the radio. Wondering if they run off the aux battery? I have an intermittent siren/horn unit. Wonder if all functions are integral to the square type siren or is there something between the switch and the siren? I use the horn function if neccessary, much louder then stock. I have extra fuses and was wondering what they are for? Also, are there snipped wires I can expect elsewhere? What's involved in removing the aux battery since much of the authority stuff needs it I think? Just some of my questions if anyone has tinkered with theirs in depth.

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See my sig.


Depending on who "cleaned up" your RTP when it got resold...you can expect all kinds of snipped, sealed, or merely disconnected wires here, there, and everywhere. YMMV.


Each RT-P in the after-market appears unique, depending on which department used it, and who cleaned it up. Again, YMMV.


Extra fuses are for: emergency lights, siren, radios, radar guns, speakers, shot-gun mounts, etc.


I'm gone for the rest of this weekend, but I'll see what I can answer later on. Did I mention that these are all unique, and YMMV?


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what does YMMV mean?


You Mileage May Vary, basd upon a disclaimer from the old TV commercials (i.e. might be different for your situation, or something to that effect)

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My bike has the aux battery removed. The ground cable for the batt is long enough to get to the Primary batt but the positive will need an extension.


You should be able to get alot of information from here. They even have department specific information, providing you know who had your bike.

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Thanks, I look forward to more info as this thread progresses. Mine has the siren, high intensity brake lights, 4 flashers around the radio box, aux batt, crash bars, headlight off switch, and the big forward facing aux lights above each rear view mirror. When I was servicing my bike last month I had to remove the siren and crash bars to get the side panels off, man those things weigh a ton. That aux batt isn't light either. All that extra stuff must add up to over 70 or 80 pounds. I think I might dump the batt and siren, that'd save me about 30 pounds. I found one snipped wire bundle forward of the handle bars, probably for the radio. I think there was a blue pole light on the back, side strobes, and radar gun. All that would require wiring, I'll have to hunt that down later.

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  • 4 years later...

My 2001 RT-P was 'civilianized' with a pair of shears and they left

exposed wires where the pursuit lights were wired. Long story short

after an electrical fire the entire harness needed to be replaced.



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To remove the Aux. Battery, I removed the wires from the battery,

bundled them together, Pos. with Pos., Neg. with Neg., taped up the ends and done.........

On mine I removed the controller under the radio box, you then have to change the connection to the rear brake lights but you'll see the connection.....

The "extra" fuse box can then be used for farkles....

Note: After I thought I disconnected all authorities strobes, I found that the horn aslo activates the front strobes.

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