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Bridgestone Tires


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With all the tire threads out there, I'm curious why I've seen next to nothing about the Bridgestone BT020s which were the OEM tires on my 07 R1200ST. I'm just now having to replace them at 9500 miles and I've ridden them through every conceivable situation (ok, no ice or snow) - light and heavy rains, many many twisties, high speed slab, track day, 40 to 95 degrees F, even (once, unintenionally) on a very unimproved high mountain service road (6" deep gravel, 17% inclines, ruts, etc. etc.).


So now I am about to buy new tires and I'm inclined to stay with another set of BT020s. I'm staying away from the 021s because I've heard they can be a bit squirrelly when entering into a lean - rolling from one tread compound to the other.


So, despite all the talk of Metzlers, Avons, etc. I'm inclined to stick with the 020s. Am I missing the point here?

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I was so unhappy with my 2005 R1200RT after putting a few thousand miles on it that I was kicking myself for buying it. After replacing the BT020 with Avon Azarros, I love it. My biggest complaint was freeways with the front following the rain grooves in the SoCal freeways. Much less stabel than the R1100RT. In the twisties the bike needed a good push to lean and then "fell" over, making you feel like you had to stop it from leaning further. It made me feel like I was riding an old Ducati again. It did actually stop itself but the feeling was disconcerting. The Avons were wonderful by comparison but bear in mind that I was replacing very worn BT020 with new Avons so that does mean SOMETHING, a little or alot, I don't know. I see the BT021 does NOT have the center groove that I think made the front follow the grooves.

I guess if you liked them, buy some more or try the BT021 to see if they are improved. I am beginning to wonder if much of the big differences that people notice is between old worn out tires and new different tires. Seems the likely reason that many people love a tire that others hate.

So far I have liked all the tires when very new.

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I had very good performance from the two sets of 020's on my 05RT. 7K miles out of the first set and about 6K miles out of the second set. Lately I have been trying different brands due to tire promotions, and just wanting to try something different. The next set I try will be ME880's. I want to get more mileage out of a tire than 5K-7K miles. Hopefully the ME880's will deliver. Right now I have Avon Storms on the bike and they are working out very well.

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I put on a set of BT020's last summer (06) and thought they were pretty good. Didn't do as many twisties as I would have liked to but the front lasted from about 23,000 to 36,000. I got two nails in the first rear tire and had to replace it after 4 - 5,000 miles but it looked like the second one would have gone at least 9 - 10,000 miles.


I just installed a set of the 021's and haven't had any issues on the freeways. Taking a trip in the next week or two and should have a better feel for them after that.


- Bill

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I have about 3500 miles on the BT-021's now. I have run Azzaros, ME880's, to compare on this bike. Very surprised how smooth the ride is, especially compared to the ME 880's. The front tire comes with what seems like very little tread depth. It also has felt "squirmy" since the first ride. No tractions problems on either end even in wet. I just have not liked the front feel. It also appears that I will wear out the front tire before the rear. Wearing badly on the left of center with about a 1" strip in the very center that is wearing very well. I bumped up pressure to 40 in the front about 1500 miles ago to try to slow the wear. Rear tire is my favorite tire so far. Very good wear, absolutley the quietest tires I've had. I could easily get 8K on the rear. That is about what I had on the ME 880's before I couldn't stand the noise any longer!

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Tyres!, I'm on my eighth set on my ST and have tried every recommendation except the Conti Sport Attack, but this was more down to the lack of availability when I had to buy.

The BT020 are near perfect for this machine. I get around 5k miles a pair (I always change in pairs, irresepctive how much canvas is showing!).

i've recently changed to teh new 021's and they do feel a little strange between the mid to big lean on the bends. It may take a bit to get used to an ultimately I may change back to the excellent 020's. I'll wait and see what they perform like when they are out of profile, but I can't see them being much better than the 020's and the cornering issue does certainly perk up your attention. It's very similar to the experience felt when leaving the high grip surface (called Shellgrip in the UK) of some slip roads and roundabouts to regular tarmac. If I can't get used to this it'll be back to the 020'a. As for Metz Z6, avoid them like the plague!, OEM fit on mine and I'll never go near them again. It's more brown pants than "attention grabbing" when these are any more than half way worn! 020, 020, 020, 020, 020, 020...

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FWIW, I ran one set of 020's on my R1100RT and hated them. It's the only time I've ever hated a tire.


It's the ONLY tire I've ever run that would consistently break traction. All I had to do was get the thing into a corner and get too greedy on the gas and the rear would spin.


I ran MEZ2's, MEZ4's, D205's, D220's, and Pilot Roads and never once spun the rear tire...but I could do it pretty much at will on the 020's.


Also, the front tracked rain grooves, which was really annoying.


We run 014s on Lisa's track bike, and those seem like pretty decent tires, but the 020's were just awful on my RT.

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+1 on the 014's. I got 9500 out of the rear before it squared off beyond my happy place. Tire could have gone another 1 or 2K but I tend to change 'em early. The front went a bit further at around 11K. It had plenty of tread left but almost all the miles were slab and the profile had gone and it was starting to cup. Current tires are Pilot Power 2CT on the front and a Pilot Road on the rear and I think I may have found Nirvana. Both wet and dry stick are all I could ask for and the bike is very stable while cornering with very easy turn-in and a very settled feeling. I have a bit over 1500 on the set and, while the back is showing just a tiny square strip, the front shows no evidence of any form of wear.

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