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Looks like KTM has found a home for their new 690 engine.


The 690 Stunt.



Duke 3



690 Enduro



690 SMC



690 SMR

Absent is the 690 Adventure.

I don't know about price or even which bikes will be US models but, that 690 Enduro is this weeks lust object. grin.gif



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I seriously considered the LC4 690 SMR before buying my G650 X-Moto. After being vibrated so hard my fillings were ready to fall out by my LC4 640 Enduro, I have lost a bit of my lust for KTM. Perhaps I am finally getting "old". They say the 690 LC4 (650cc) is smoother than the 640 LC4 (625cc) but the 640 also had a balance shaft and I can only describe it as a "paint shaker". The 650 BMW is about the same as the R1100S Boxer Cup in vibration, amazing for a 653cc single.

The X-Moto is so capable in handling and brakes that you have to work very hard to find the tightest roads out there. Mt. Baldy Road is like a freeway and the X-Moto will pull 85mph up the steep spots at high elevation where the KTM 640runs out of steam at 75mph.

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I put about 75 miles on a 690 super moto. That engine is outstanding. It has power that is unmatched by any street single on the market. It does also have a six speed tranny that is geared for high speed. They are getting 124mph out of that bike in Europe.

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