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Oregon Coast to California and back...


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The wife and I took off from Portland, OR on the Thursday after Labor Day thinking that with kids in school, there would be less traffic on highway 101 on the Oregon coast. It worked out well on the way down but on the way back, for some reason, traffic (retirees in motor homes) was much worse.


Anyway, we really didn’t have a fixed schedule so we could ride for as long as we wanted, stop whenever/wherever and just wing it on places to stay. We were pretty lucky with the weather, traffic, lodging and food. It was our first long distance trip together and pretty much everything worked out. Meghan is excited for future trips together.


So here are some photos of my trip. I have more on my flickr site here





The southern Oregon Coast was just beautiful



It was never ending...



Cool reflection of this bridge in North Bend, OR



So many places to pull over, rest and just watch the sea crash against the rocks.



Our destination, the redwood coast in northern California.



The redwoods, they aren't kidding. They're pretty big.



I got the timer to work on my camera




I had to be a tourist...



The Smith River off hwy 199 in California. Clearest water I've seen.



We had a good time. The wife really enjoyed the trip.




Is this too heavy? We stopped at a truck weigh station. This is us, the bike and all our gear. Do I need to drop some weight?



Check out the rest of my trip pictures here.



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did you get a chance to play LEO at all?


I really need to get my bike painted one solid color. The Black and white with the modulating headlight, it can freak some people out. Then they slow way down and I end up having to pass them. My wife thinks they slow down because they are either hiding some dark secret and don't want to get caught by speeding or they are on the run from the law. I just think they are idiots. IMHO...

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It was our first long distance trip together and pretty much everything worked out. Meghan is excited for future trips together.


If your wife is looking forward to more trips, I would say you had an excellent trip. clap.gif

Very nice photos thumbsup.gif, glad the weather wasn't a problem.


Oh, and by the way... nice bike. Hey, where is my bike? lmao.gif

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Jeez... you must be special? When I stayed at the Curly Redwood Lodge she made me stay in the back even though I wanted parking under the car ports. Go figurer.


Nice trip photos. Port Orford to Crescent City is my most favorite beach ride, never tire of the Redwoods. You have to stand next to those trees to beleive what you see.


Thanks for shareing!...

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