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"New" Bike!


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Hi all. I haven't been around here much lately. What with being away in Denmark most of August, then work and a master's program, combined with a catastrophic Internet service outage which caused me to drop Earthlink after many years and switch to Verizon, it has been difficult to check the boards lately.


I finally managed to snap a few photos of my newly acquired 1998 Triumph Thunderbird Sport, affectionately called Tubs. Check 'em out...


My Web Site

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Sure looked nice...... till I saw the Duc blush.gif


Sorry, what was I suppose to be looking out confused.gif


Hey, what did you expect. That will teach you to keep non prim subjects out of your image libraries grin.gif

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Congrats, nice fine thumbsup.gifthumbsup.gifthumbsup.gif


Just remember to look up some Triumph History, as people will gather to talk about the TBS whenever you stop. tongue.gif


Least-expensive and most-attention-getting bike I've ever owned. [Wished I still owned my 2000 dopeslap.gif]

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Sweet looking bike Paul, though I really expected you to go for another Rocket grin.gif. I was on a ride last weekend with a nother Paul who has a stock T-Bird Sport in Orange. I like the subdued colours of yours better.





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I love the Rocket, but at $3800, this bike was a steal. I also got the yellow/black original fuel tank, side panels, and fenders, the exhaust, seat, windscreen and tank bag.


Not to be passed up. grin.gif


I love the fact that at least one of my bikes has no ABS, EFI, ECU, CANBUS, TPM, ESA, or STDs. The simplicity of it is its most appealing attribute. This became apparent several weeks ago. I was sitting at a traffic light and I noticed the idle was tad rough.


"Oh jeez... how many hundreds of $$ is this going to cost me?"


"Wait a minute... I'm not on the BMW."


I just reached down with my left hand and tweaked the idle adjust knob about 1 mil.

Problem solved.



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