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what would be the good deal for R1200GSA?


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I am in the market for a fully loaded 2007 R1200 GSA. Is there any room for negotiation with the dealer? what would be a good deal for a brand new fully loaded GSA? Or should I wait for the 2008 Model?

thanks for your input.

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Heard at least one report,that the 08 GS and Adventure won't be out until the New Year.

Probably trying to switch them to chain drive,so they won't continue to have self destructing final driveslmao.gif



05 R1200GS-yes BMW bought me a new FD!

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I know that Miller BMW in Tallahasse in Florida has 3 GS on the floor. I sure there is a deal to be made. Call 850-504-2390 ask for Dusty the owner. Tell him I sent ya. thumbsup.gif Helps me out on the next service. clap.gif

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The goal of the seller is to sell high. The goal of the buyer is to buy low. When both agree on a price, you have a good deal. Unfortunately car buying price guides and services such as edmunds.com do not apply to bikes, boats and RV's. I would not expect to find a lot of dicker room below retail if I was shopping for a new GS. More likely would be an offer of discounted financing or a few free accessories with purchase.

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