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Replacing battery - how to?


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I have purchased a new battery for my 04 R1150RT and got as far as removing all the tupperware from the bike. It now appears that the next step must involve removing the air intake pipe (and possibly also the air filter housing?) to allow the battery to slide out horizontally from the left side of the bike. Before I commit my screwdriver, am I generally headed in the right direction?





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You have to remove the air cleaner top in order to remove the intake snorkel.


Buttoning up the air cleaner top takes a bit of patience.

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Tom: When you have the battery out (hopefully you are getting an agm battery)-clean up those battery cable ends nice n' pretty and go down to auto parts store and get some anti-corrosion battery terminal paste in a tube or the stuff in a little spray can. Even on my R1100RT, putting on the air box lid takes lots of patience.

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