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K1200S Tires


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Lots of previous posts on this I am sure, but I am gonna ask anyways. I just used up a set of Avon Storm STs on the K1200S, and I mean used up. Had about 2500 miles on them when I left on a 3000 mile trip. Now that the trip is over the rear tire is on the wear bars and front tire is cupped funny just left of center and has chunks of the tire coming off on the outside tread. The front tire chunks must have happened on the last day when I rode from Scottsdale, AZ to Denver, CO as I checked the tire that morning and while worn, seemed to be OK to get home. Do not buy these tires for a K1200S, believe me you will not like them. But that is another topic.


I like the Pilot Powers, but I just can't stand the 3000 mile tread life. I want something that will take me farther because I put allot of miles on the bike. The dealer (actually both dealers I have called) is recommending the Metzler Z6. I had the Z4's on the RT I had, and did not like them very much. They were OK in the rain, but grooved concrete, Iam talking new concrete with the grooves in it, not the milled up road would make the bike wobble and I did not like it very much since there is allot of concrete around here like that. I was much happier when I switched to the Pilot Road.


The new Pilot Road 2 ships next week, and the cost I have been quoted is outrageous, they want $290 for the rear and $190 for the front. Because of the current CT2 recalls, I am leery of spending that kind of dough and not knowing if I will get a quality tire.


Anyone else run the Z6? If you do, do you notice that wobble of the bike searching for traction on new concrete?

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The new Pilot Road 2 ships next week, and the cost I have been quoted is outrageous, they want $290 for the rear and $190 for the front.
Try SWmototires.com. They're charging $183.95 for 190/50's and $129.95 for 120/70's (free shipping if you buy both). Of course, you gotta install them yourself, but finding someone to install the tires for less than $166 shouldn't be hard.
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You're apparently not riding your bike hard at all or in the twisties as most sport bikes are meant for.


Putting a Z6 or Storm on a K1200S would be insane IMO. The Z6 slides very easily on a VFR and I wouldn't consider it on a K bike. The Storm has a profile not meant for a powerful sport bike. On my '06 K bike, I run M3's but would feel fortunate to get 2500 miles out of a rear. Not trying to be sarcastic, but is there a better bike for your use?

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Thanks for the feedback on the Z6.


Actually I get quite of bit of riding on the twisty roads, I would say about 50% of my riding is there. However I am not some young punk who thinks he is invincible and enters a 25MPH turn at 65MPH...well not all the time at least. blush.gif


If you must know, I had several tips planned this year, and commute to work most days on the bike. That tears up a set of Pilot Powers (I know from experience) and the sad truth is that I am not made of money, so I went with a less aggressive tire for this year. What I found was the sport touring tire was not quite good enough for my riding style, but I still don't feel like an aggressive tire is necessary as the daily commutes tend to flat spot them rather quickly. I have been looking for a dual compound that can let me do both. The Storm promised this, but did not deliver.


Not everyone rides the sport bike only in ideal situations on the road and believes that being agressive in corners and riding like a hoon 100% of the time is the qualification for owning such a machine. Sorry if that lets you down. frown.gif

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Calvin  (no socks)

I put some Pilot Roads on my 05' to ride out to Torrey last May.... Great on the slab.... less than desireable on the sweepers....... scary as hell on the tight twisters in Tennessee and North Carolina.... DAMHIK....Gives a whole new meaning to smooth throttle input... crazy.gif

They have already lasted as long as 3 sets of Metzler M-1s...

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I changed from M3 to the Z6 on my K12S for the increased mileage and have no regrets. They feel solid on the road, asphalt or concrete. I wouldn't use them on the track, but for commuting or weekend rides, they are fine.



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Mounted up the Z6 today....already feels better than the Avon's did. Can't wait to get some miles on them and see how they work out.

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I've solved half the issue. I have a Pilot Power 2CT on the front of my Blackbird and zero issues in over 2K miles. I can't tell by either looking or feeling that it has even been down the road. All but 300 or so miles of this has been on slab or suburban roads and the contour hasn't changed at all. The plain old Pilot Road on the back of the bike is already showing some very mild squaring. I'm going to look for a matching Power 2CT for the back when I get home. The front is awesome!! Nice turn-in, excellent feedback and stable as all heck at some pretty severe lean angles and just doesn't act like a normal front. I have been through 014's, Pilot Roads, Z6's and they all turned to crap early with that annoying ridge in the center (I'm talking fronts here) very early in their life. The Power 2CT is having none of it.

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At the risk of being flammed, with the Z6s, I run 32psi in front and rear. The bike feels a little more planted at these pressures. In contrast, if I'm doing extended driving on the expressway or hauling luggage, I use BMW's recommended pressures.


Thought you might like to know....

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My '07 K1200 GT came with Bridgestone tires but a nail picked up in a San Antonio construction zone forced me to replace the rear tire at about 3,000 miles.


Now at 10,000 miles, I'm now preparing to replace the Michelin Pilot Power 2CT with a new one and put one on the front as well. I find the Pilot Power 2CT to be very "confidence inspiring" and not overly expensive.


Michelin's web site at http://two-wheels.michelin.com/2w/front/...838&lang=EN, reflects Michelin's highest ratings for "dry grip", "wet grip" and "handling" on this tire. To me, those three attributes equate to higher safety (as well as performance).


The Pilot Road² Tire (seen at http://two-wheels.michelin.com/2w/front/...38&lang=EN) has a "wet grip" rating equal to Pilot Power 2CT but scores 1 notch lower in "dry grip", "handling" and "price" while scoring one notch higher in "durability."


The dual compound design of both tires give better cornering due to a softer compound on the sides with longer life due to a harder compound in the center of the tire. The Pilot Road² tire simply has a longer life than the Pilot Power 2CT due to the harder compund used (at the sacrifice of some ''stickiness'' if there is such a word).


With respect to the recall on the French-made 120/70ZR17 Pilot Power 2CT front tires, just keep an eye out for tires bearing DOT number 6UCW-980T (made in France). Those tires bearing the same DOT number made in Spain are OK.


If you want more information about the recall, call Michelin at (800)-847-3435 (just as I did) and select options "1", then "6", then "0".

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