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On our fall color tour this weekend riding on the Olympic Penninsula spotted a HD with his hands warm in what looked to be a giant gloves that covered nearly his whole handlebars...What are these, has anyone used them on an RT, and are they worth it?

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Yep....HippoHands are what they were called way back when.....and probably still are. I've used them on some older (MotoGuzzi) bikes and they are GREAT!! Bought something similar to them a few years ago (before the BIG WRECK) for the RT......but they didn't work out. They will definately get in the way and make your OEM mirrors almost useless.....so you may end up getting the ones that mount on the bars instead. Some police departments here in SEATTLE were using them on the RT's, so you might try contacting them and find out where they got them from. Good luck...........



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Hippohands - that brings back memories! AFAIK, the original design came from Craig Vetter, designer of Windjammer fairings. You can find them mentioned here.


I bought a pair and used them on my R75/5. They kept my hands warm, but if I took my hand out of one while riding, I had a heck of a time getting it back in. I wound up switching to fleece-lined leather three-fingered mittens.

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