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Replacing Grips??


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Has anyone replaced their grips (heated) on the R12RT? What do I need to watch out for in this process?


Why replace them--are they defective? Mine are--been to the dealer 4 times and still intermittent. They have replaced the ZFE among other things such as re-programming, etc.--next step will be either the complete wiring harness or the grips/electronics themselves. 2007 R1200RT.

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I've replaced the ones on my ST after I screwed up the originals when I put Renthal grips on (worked fine on my R1150R, 650GS, and every other bike I've had recently).


On the ST (and I would presume the RT) the grips and switch assemblies are fairly complicated, several tiny torx screws and wire connectors to deal with. Not all that bad, really, just keep track of everything and take care not to lose any of the little screws.



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I just replaced mine with a pair from an 07 Triumph Rocket3.

I did it for the feel that I wanted.

Cut the old ones off with a scissor. Use caution as to not damage the heating wires beneath. I put a piece of tape to protect the heater wire and used hair spray as a lube. Worked the new grips on and I'm a smilling.

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Have you considered covering them instead? Grip-Tex and others make covers that slide over, don't interfere with the heat function, you don't risk breaking the heating element in the process, and they can be renewed again and again.

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