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Timmelsjoch (video)


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Another favorite pass! The Timmelsjoch is very beautiful and has a couple of medium tight/steep hairpins to make if fun. Connecting Austria and Italy we did this pass once from each side on our trip two weeks ago.


The guy I’m following is part of our small riding group. He’s on a Yamaha FJR1300. The wind chill factor on top of the pass was about –10C. Almost impossible to take of helmet and gloves outside. So we were a bit careful on the descend with the wet patches. There’s two parts of just under three minutes.

Part 1

Part 2

The quality isn’t much as it done with a digital photo camera and my boxer vibrates a lot, but it gives a fair impression of what it’s like there. I hope you like it.

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scary dark tunnels, down hill, tight curves, snow and wet patches - not sure if I'd be up for that. Fun watching you do it, though. Thanks for taking us along. thumbsup.gif

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Nice! Between you and Francois you almost have me ready to rent a bike in Italy next week... but not quite. It will be out first time in EU and we'll stick with trains mostly.


That pass is so beautiful.



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