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padded shorts


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I wear the Ultra II Kevlar Mesh riding pants from Cycleport often with no pants underneath when the weather is hot..Sitting on the kevlar mesh is sorta like sitting on the expanded metal grill on your outdoor cooking grill..I've tried wearing some padded bicycle shorts underneath but I don't like the tight clingy feeling..I like the feel of loose fitting boxers likw my Ex Officio that Shovel Stroke suggested.. Does anyone know where I might find some loose fitting, cool shorts with a padded seat?

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I'm a cyclist as well, and many mountain bike shorts are basically road bike shorts sewn into hiking shorts. They may not alleviate the "clingy" feeling you're describing.


Another option, also bicycling based, is short liners. They are essentially lightweight, wickable boxer/briefs with some padding. They're designed to be worn under street shorts or pants, and they don't have the girdle-like support of traditional cycling shorts. I don't have a source URL for you, sorry.

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Have you tried a sheep skin cover?


No, I have a Russell seat that I like..I need something between my butt and my riding pants..I've ordered some shorts that I hope will work..


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I gotta support Lawman here. I too have a pair of kevlar lined pants and my butt sure does not like the feel of this stuff after a couple of hours. I too have been looking at options to bring between the kevlar and my butt. I'll check out these suggestions here, although in Aus it might have to be a different product.


Thanks folks.

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Have you tried Under Armour boxers? They're loose like cotton boxers but light and stretchy. I have a couple of them and I really like them. I also like the boxer/briefs. They are looser than cycling shorts but a little tighter than boxers. They fit better under my jeans. After swithing to this fabric, I've thrown away all of my cotton boxers.










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I'm also a sometime long distance bicyclist...sometime in the past, actually. Searching for heavily padded cycling shorts to wear under my suit, to try to alleviate broken tailbone pain, I found bike shorts at Performance Bicycles, an online and physical cycle chain, with shorts containing "Liquicel Technology," bascially little fluid/air filled sacs in strategic spots. My Camry has the same stuff in its seats, which is how I came to know about it. The shorts, while not solving my broken tailbone pain, do add a bit more comfort than traditional bicycle short padding. Performance 's house brand shorts have it..some of their lines, and there are a couple of name brands that also use it. Worth a try. If the cycling shorts you've tried are too confining, get the next largest size; it's a matter of getting used to them actually. Heck girls wear thongs, and I don't complain. I mean, and they don't complain.

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I have the same pants you do and also wear only my shorts underneath in warm weather. I purchased these and even though they may appear tight, they are extremely comfortable and the "boy's" seem comfortable as well. Remember, you started it.



If a rider wants to ride in comfort on a motorcycle, he or she should get some riding shorts made especially for motorcyle riders. I MUST agree with your choice but I have to admit I am biased. I ride my '05 R1200RT for 10,000 miles in one trip and need only one pair of LDComfort Riding Shorts as they wash easily and dry quickly. World record endurance riders wear the LDComfort Riding Shorts. Padding is a function of the seat/saddle and it is a mistake to pack your underpants with padding. Ask me how I know. smile.gif

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