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Question for Shoei RF1000 owners


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Shoei fits my head so I know what helmet I need, that being the RF1000 Shoei to replace my more than worn out RF900. As I look at websites I'm picking up some different info on different sites. Some say that the liner is removable and washable and some mention only the cheek pads. I've never had a removable/washable liner before but in Texas this would sure be nice. Those who own this helmet, what say you?



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Just got my new RF1000... and according to the instructions it is cheekpads and strap cushion only. No sweat.. just use some mild soap and a soft brush or cloth, then rinse otu the bucket and set it outside to dry. Works great in SoCal anyhow :P



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I have an RF-1000, great helmet. But one thing that works great is to wear a helmet liner (skull cap). It keeps the gunk mostly out of the helmet and is easy to toss in the laundry. I've been wearing skull caps for years, and will never ride without one again. It just feels weird without it!

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You might want to try the RF1000 on. I had the 900. It was a little too round for my head and gave me a hot spot on my forehead that I couldn't get rid of. The RF1000 fits like a glove, being just a bit more toward the long oval side of things.

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