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650CS cuts out when starting


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Hi all,


My girl's 2005(?) f650cs dies within moments of starting. It'll run for 5 or 10 seconds and just quit. Then upon restarting, it may do it again once or twice, or it'll run like nothing ever happened. It seems to do this pretty regular, but not every time.


I need to ask her if it's worse when cold or not.


Any ideas?

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Close to where the sidestand mounts there is a screw inside a sort of rubber insulated donut that is the wire for the sidestand cutout switch. It can back out enough to cause the problem you've described.


It might not be the problem but I'd check it first.

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Minor update, it's been nearly a year since I had this issue and I described it from memory, which was a mistake. grin.gif


The screw is actually the sidestand bolt and the rubber donut (plastic coated) with wire slips over the top. Mine appears to be missing the nut, but the bike stays running as long as the wire is making contact.

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I will start with the simple, start up proceedure:

The CS will not start if you try to start it right after turning the key on.

Make sure kill switch is in ON position

Bike in neutral

Side stand up

Turn key on and wait for ABS light to go out. The only light on should be on is the oil and neutral light.

Do not twist the throttle

Press start button for 4 seconds.

Let it run for 10-20 seconds without twisting throttle

Things to check/do:

1)Make sure the battery has water in the cells. The CS battery is not maintenance free unless it was replaced. A 2005 is still under warrenty. Have the dealer test the battery (after you put water in of course). If it is bad insist that they replace it with the maitenace free battery.

2) Use Seafoam injector cleaner to clean the fuel system. You can get this from any auto store

3) goto this forum Chain Gang and find the Black Belt thread. Lots of CS info there.

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I have had my CS since April of '02. I have found that the bike is very picky about the type of gas I put in it.


If I use super unleaded it will be a pain to start it. It does the run for a couple of seconds and then dies thing. It can take anywhere from one to five starts until it decides to keep running.


If I use regular unleaded I never have this problem. It will start immediately without any drama. And the even stranger thing is the bike seems to actually run better on regular. I also get 2-3 MPG more with regular over super. Every time I think I will treat the bike to a tank of super I regret it the next morning.


Hey regular unleaded is cheaper, if the bike is happy with it then thats what it will get. And over 31k miles I have never heard any knocking from pre-ignition.

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On my friends CS she had difficulties starting it. One of the solutions was to change to an iridium sparkplug. Additionally after turning on the key and waiting for everything to settle, hold the starter button until the bike is running. It will not hurt the starter and the bike will stay running. I was starting her bike like my kbike and letting go of the starter button as soon as the bike turned over.

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