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Brake Fluid education.


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Looks like Valvoline Synpower (available at Autozone and most other places) is a worthwhile replacement.

BTW - I use Ate (Typ 200 and Super Blue) in the RT and Valvoline in the cage braking systems.

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From the linked article:

"The fluid in the system absorbs water through the breathers, through the caliper piston seals and by magic." (emphasis mine)


Well, I'm certainly glad to have that cleared up by the renowned expert Carroll Smith!


Good article, though. Keep in mind that it's written from the perspective of auto racing.

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Having said all that, it is worth noting that unless the brake fluid is really old and has absorbed moisture, boiling of the brake fluid in any driving situation on public roads, has little or no chance of happening. So rather than getting carried away with expensive alternatives, changing the DOT4 every year or at most two, is all that is needed.

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