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UN-like other board events, this one is not about the riding.

Sure, there were many folks who rode in. The arc went from Birmingham, Al. to Atlanta to Savannah to Tampa, and many places in between.

Beth and I rode through the dark and monsoon rains, arriving after 9pm our time.

We were greeted at Casa Hebert by a garage full of revelers, a driveway full of motorcycles, and a collective welcome as people moved aside to allow us to hang our wet gear from the tool hooks.

We missed the Low Country Boil frown.gif, but made do with other delicacies and a fabulous butt sandwich. smirk.gif

Into the wee hours talking and partying, until the last of us, Steve ans Suz'anne natcheraly, finished in the kitchen and headed to slumberville.

Rain passed thru overnight and the morning dawned cool and clear.





After a scrumptious breakfast, thanks Sheila, we headed to the EMT classroom for a first responder seminar.







He's BTDT x 2, and she's just getting her flight wings, but the open discussion was informative, helpful, and appreciated by all.

Back to Casa Hebert where 16 feet of SUB sandwich surfaced and was dispatched posthaste.

Marty and Steve, under the watchful eye of General Hebert, begin their approach.


From here it was off to Fort Rucker and the Aviation Museum.

Steve had arranged an all comers visa and we slid onto the base with no problems.

At the museum we met up with our guide, Fred, a veteran of the first Gulf War. He was knowledgeable, funny, opinionated, and a great guy. thumbsup.gif

Here he is regaling us with stories about the evolution of flight, flight gear, and pilots, from Leonardo da Vinci to modern times.


We spent hours reviewing the aircraft and saw examples from the first Wright brother's military plane to modern helicopter gunships.


Leaving the base we raced the rain, wind, and dark skies, back to HQ.

Then the BEER & Brats part of the weekend began in earnest.

Jim did a fine job handling the grill, the Brats passed inspection, and cigars, stories, allright, lies grin.gif, filled the evening.

Adjourning to one of the media centers a video of Gary's trip to Copper Canyon was shown.




The almost Nirvanaesque feeling was shattered when our radar picked up a UFO. DSC00638.jpg

It turned out to be Steve, coming in for a water landing. tongue.gif

One by one, the beemerphiles said goodnight and retreated to their hangars.

Morning departure brought waves of goodbye, calls of "see you at El Paseo", returning squadrons who had forgotten important materials dopeslap.gif, and a mass dispersal from our LA HQ.

All who volunteered for this mission returned safely vowing to step forward again when the call is sounded and BB&B needs man and woman power again.

See you there. wave.gif

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