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Mounts for aux lights?


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I have long stretches of country road, occasional fog, and deer to deal with on my morning commmute. I'm having a problem figuring out how to mount the lights I want. On my R12RT I want to mount four lights -- 2 Hella FF50 driving lights and two micro DE halogen fogs. This would be an easier problem on a GS!


Somewhere on this site I saw someone's light mount that had these on one bracket. If someone can pinpoint that picture, I'd really appreciate that. Any suggestions welcome as well.

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I mounted the Hella Micro DE lamps underneath the oil cooler. Sorry, can't help with the other lights.



The mount is constructed of:


1 - 13" Aluminum angle

2 - 4" Carriage bolts

2 - 3"+ aluminum tubing

- a few assorted nuts and washers.


The mounting is attached to the two tabs in back of the oil cooler which would otherwise hold a cooling fan(RT/P).


The problems I encounted were getting the proper spacing/position so that the lights don't make contact with the fork-tubes and they also don't make contact with the front fender beak when the suspension is compressed. After a bit of trial/error(and a few scratches), I got the height to where the lamps don't hit the fender beak.


They lights are mounted in such a way that they don't interfere with removal of the fairing. I can actually remove the whole front-end with out having to deal with the fog lights.





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To mount the fog light bracket the oil cooler tabs, I drilled a hole into each tab and installed two sets of clip-nuts(circled in red) and T25 fairing screws to to secure the bracket(same ones used to attach tupperware to the bike)


Part# for clip-nuts: (#52532308647 - $1.14ea)

Part# T25 Torx screw (#06327651212 - $2.00ea)


Any fastener will do, but I had some spares on hand and it also means one less tool I need to keep track of.


The blue circles mark the scratches from my first few attempts at mounting the lights. If the suspension compessed enough(ie. pot hole), the lights would make contact with the fender.






Light bracket installed behind oil coller.



Light bracket is made up of:


1 - 12 inch section of alluminum angle(1")

2 - Hex bolts (4-1/4" length)

2 - 3-1/8" sections of alluminum tube(used as spacer; slips over the hex bolts)

4 - Hex nuts(same thread as hex bolts

2 - split lock washers

2 - lock washers(internal tooth)


Unfortunately, I don't remember the thread size of the hex bolt and nuts I used. I do know that the washers are 3/8".

It's best to take one of the light brackets with you to the hardware store.





I notched out spaces in the headlight assembly where the fog light brackets would have made contact and prevented the headlight assembly from sitting flush with the frame when re-installed.



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Those are great photos. What was the issue that caused the fender to get scratched. Lights too low, too close to C/L?


Yes, the light brackets would scape the fender if I hit a big enough bump. Originally I attempted to bolt the lights underneath the headlight assembly and they sat tool low. With the bracket I made, the lights sit about 2" back and since the fender narrows as it meets the fork brace, there is sufficient clearance.

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Because the lights are on a single post, do they vibrate a great deal?


I haven't noticed much vibration; I think my mirrors vibrate more. The oil-cooler is mounted to the sub-frame with rubber grommets/bushings; which appears to isolate much of the vibration coming from the from the engine.

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