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Spark plug replacement


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My R1200T has over 24K on it now, and I just spent a lot more than I thought I would have to for 4 new plugs at the dealer.


Can I do this job with just my Craftsman tools? I have the plug wrench, various extensions, and U-joints. Also, do I have to buy the special tool to get the plug wires off? If so, is there a single internet supplier that can provide both it and the spark plug removal tool inexpensively if I need it too?


One other question just occurred to me. Why can't these bikes use platinum-tipped plugs like those found in most modern cars (which don't call for replacement until >100K miles)?





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I also am reluctant to pay the high price for the metal tool used to pull the spark plug leads off. (The plastic one that comes with the bike is almost totally useless)



The spark plug leads will pull off quite easily right along with the rocker arm cover when the rocker arm cover is removed. I have done this repeatedly without any negative effects.



Since the lower plug is subjected to more oil than the upper plug, one way to protect/extend the effectiveness of the plugs is to swap the upper and lower plugs at 12K.

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Well, I just bit the bullet and ordered the Marc Parnes tool. I used it for the first time this weekend (every other time I've removed them, someone else has had a tool.) However, the point behind the tool is simply to pull the plug top out. The tool attaches on to the plug wire and you pull. It just gives you a good grip. If you've got something that would get you a good grip without scraping/destroying your plug top, by all means, use it. It's just an awkward sort of angle to be getting a good grip.


If you think you've got something that'll work, it should only take you about 5 minutes to test it. Assuming you don't have elf pegs, or valve cover protectors that would impede you, just pull the black covers off, detach the wire with a small screwdriver or the like, then try pulling it off. If it works, pop it back on and you know, if it doesn't, well, now you know.


Oh, and then put everything else back where you found it. tongue.gif

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