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Is this even possible ?


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This morning while leaving my third shift job in a an almost unconscious condition, my ABS self check resulted in a major grab of the front brake. Scared the piss out of me. I had only travelled about 5 feet so was not going fast, but rode very tentatively on the way home !


Now, can this actually happen ?

The self check noise is electronic and involves no hydraulic action right?


I'm starting to think that in my mentally wasted state I may have grabbed the brake for some reason !

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Um, not to pass jugement but you mite want to reconsider riding in that physical/ mental state.


Ask Cameron (bmweerman) or better yet his wife Patti about the results.

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I believe that the 1100 ABS II system can only release brake line pressure, not generate it... so I don't think it is possible for your ABS system to activate the brakes.

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I hate to say this but it may have been you. IMHO the selfcheck on all BMW ABS systems never results in hydraulic action. It is purely an electronic check for all sensors in the system.

Please be carefull when you aren't feeling 100% and ride a bike. None of us want to read about an accident. We have lost too many friends already. bncry.gif

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