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Suggestions for Cleaning Off Flat Fixer?


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At the ripe old age of 20 miles, my rear tire picked up a big nail last night. As I rolled off the freeway and down the onramp, it let go of its last breath of air. I tried fixing things well enough to get home by using a can of Flat Fixer. After I emptied the can into the tire, I rode slowly along in the bike lane to see if it would seal the leak.


It didn’t.


It looks as if all the goo sprayed out of the tire as I rolled along. frown.gif It’s now coating most of the back of the bike, except on the exhaust. The header and muffler are coated, and then baked to a crispy golden brown. tongue.gif


Does anyone know of anything that’ll get that stuff off easily? I considered just going for a long ride to let the bugs stick until they cover up the ugly gooey stuff, but that stuff smells really bad.


On the bright side, it’s an Avon Storm and is covered by their road hazard warranty. thumbsup.gif

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On the bright side, it’s an Avon Storm and is covered by their road hazard warranty

Can't help with the goo problem, but glad to see a warranty that helps with this type "infant mortality" flat! thumbsup.gif

Hopefully, with 20 miles on the tire, you did not go through the 1/32 tread wear allowed. eek.gifgrin.gif

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I honestly don't have a clue, but I always start with lighter fluid. If I'm not sure what it'll do to the paint on my bike, I try it one someone else's. Let me know how it works. smile.gif

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This thread ought to help.


Edit: For the record, this is the stuff he was talking about since the link doesn't work on that page. If you buy from them, their price on Plexus was pretty good last time I bought from them.

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try some Goo b gone.

It's a real product you can find at Lowes

For the record, that was the stuff the guy in that other thread said didn't work so well without a LOT of elbow grease.
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Thanks for the link to the other discussion Matt - there were some good suggestions over therre.


I've got my lighter fluid out, and am waiting for that person with the other RS to show up, David. grin.gif I forgot about that stuff - it does a good job of dissolving a lot of things, and I don't remember ever having seen it eat any paint. Yet.


So far I pulled the muffler off, and the can's cleaning up pretty well with Goo Gone (Fresh Citrus Scent!), and a 50/50 mix of Simple Green and water is pretty effective. It doesn't cut it - at least not quickly - on the header where the real baking occured. I guess the final drive runs pretty warm too (?) since it baked onto that as well. The entire exhaust has Jet Hot Coating on it, so lighter fluid should be fine there. I can let it soak in tomorrow and see if it starts to work into the sticky stuff.


I'm encouraged by what's come off with the little bit of time and effort I've put in so far. Tomorrow's the main event, when the wheel comes off to get the new tire (can't believe somebody had one in stock! smile.gif ) and the see-it-in-daylight serious clean-up starts.


Between now and then - thanks, and keep the suggestions coming! thumbsup.gif

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