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Other end of the clutch cable - where?


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I've adjusted the cable at the handlebar end a couple times now and I'm running out of cable. From reading all the other posts on the board, I need to adjust the cable at the other end now.


But where the heck is the other end? (Even the BMW manual doesn't help - not a good picture)


Do I remove the right side tupperware or the left or both?


And once the tupperware is off, which side of the bike am I looking for the cable connection?


Any help appreciated.



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Cable goes around the right side and is adjusted in front of the rear wheel. (Rear of the transmission)


How often are you adjusting the cable? It really shouldn't be moving much at all.

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Had to adjust it once last year and once this year.... so far.


Kind of planning on replacing it this winter. But I'm trying to make it until then, if possible.



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If you remove the left side bag, black triangle thing and foot peg plate. kneel down and squeeze the clutch lever in and out you will find what you're looking for. You will need to use an extension to get to the bolts once you have it properly adjusted you will need to hold the clutch in to tighten it (to prevent the lock nut from spinning) some people use a zip tie, I have long arms.

How many miles are on you're clutch, is it slipping now?

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Good timing on asking the clutch cable question. Mine died on me yesterday on the way home from work. I pulled in the clutch and I felt something give and the lever went soft. It frayed about 50% of the strands in the cable up near the lever. I got lucky enough that it held just enough tension for me to get it home with minimal shifting (it got worse with every shift).


I don't know the mileage. The previous owner replaced the original cable as a preventitive measure before a trip, but didn't mention what mileage it was at. I bought the bike with 60k on it, and now have about 85k on it. So I'm assuming at least 30-40k miles on it.

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So I'm assuming at least 30-40k miles on it.


And you have greased the little round cable end how often during that 30-40 K?




At least once a year. I can't say I wrote it on a calander, but I know it was done at least every 10k miles.

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