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Now that most of the information has been communicated sans too many threads, this forum is now open for general posting (vs. just responding). Have at it.

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I'm (we're) sOOOOO looking forward to Gunnison! I just thought I'd post the REAL reason I don't yet have MY RT. (That cancer thing is just a cover story)


She's a beauty ain't she? And the bike's not too hard on the eyes either! You gotta love a woman who rides--God knows I do mine!



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Jim Catlett

That looks just like the R1200 I sold a couple of years ago except mine wasn't on a trailer.

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Read about our ride in the Ride Tales page. We are in Moab Utah today 3,000 + miles and just getting ready to turn toward Gunnison.

See you all on Sunday.

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