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Hey all,


I noticed that Tourmaster has recently added shorter sizes in their riding pants. Being vertically challenged, that is very good news for me because I can start buying "off the shelf" so to speak. Some might ask, so what? Well, when you have to pay $75 to $100 per garment to have them custom fitted, that hurts. The only other choice is to buy from one of the custom companies to start with which limits your choices really quickly and you end up paying $300 to $400 for a pair of quality riding pants. The Tourmaster prices are right in line with their other gear. What's more, I wrote to them to inquire about jackets with shorter sleeve lengths too. They responded with this:



which is encouraging at the very least. Maybe if some of you fellow vertically challenged folks make inquiries and maybe purchase a pair of the pants with shortened inseams, they will move forward with shorter sleeve lengths in their jackets and we all benefit from it. (including them). When I first got back into riding again in spring of 2000, I made the decision to start wearing full protective gear. I soon found out about the expense and difficulty in fitting a 34" waist and a 27" inseam and similar measurement deficits in jackets.


Here is a link to the sizing chart on their Venture pants; http://www.tourmaster.com/xcart/pages.p ... tile_pants


and I promise I have no connection whatever to the company; just really excited about finally being able to get fair prices on stuff that may actually fit without expensive alterations.


So, you guys and gals who may need this service, get out there and take a look, ask some questions, & maybe we can get a fair shake on good gear.

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Well, bummer. None of that copied over like I thought it would and I just now had time to come back and check it.


Let's see if this works:


The message from Melissa at Tourmaster:


Thank you for your interest in Tourmaster.com. We have just begun to venture into the shorter and taller inseams on our pants as well as plus sizes on our jackets as we are wishing to be accommodating to riders of all shapes and sizes. We have yet to create a jacket in a short size, but they are currently available in tall. I have spoken with the product development department in regards to this and they said that they will keep it in mind for future product development.


and the correct links to the ventur pants and the sizing chart.






yep checked them from the preview option and they both work. Sorry about that. dopeslap.gif

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