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Front Brake Disc Screws


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Just had my wheels powdercoated and putting humpty dumpty back together ...until I encountered this snag when looking up the torque on the front brake disc bolts ... "Replace screws - Micro encapsulated" confused.gif


Obviously BMW calls for the screws to be replaced. What does micro-encapsulated mean? Seems like a description for a space shuttle part.

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Micro Encapsulated is a factory applied loc-tite type compound that is activated when the fastener is installed.


Just re-use the bolt and apply a drop of blue Loc-Tite to it and torque to 30Nm.

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Thanks. I did in fact re-use them with blue loctite. I figure if one disk comes off I have a backup smile.gif What is weird is in the manual/microfiche it lists "Anti-Seeze" for the bolts. Does anti-seeze mean "loctite" in BMW land? smile.gif

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