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A special day.... my first ride to work after knee surgery


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Today.... from this morning....




That picture up there, was taken this morning just after I hopped off the bike. I always learn something every time I ride anywhere about either my riding, the traffic or scenery or whatever. My brain never really shuts off very well.... always processing.


This morning I went into my typical "I just put this thing back together" mode and was listening to every little thing on the bike to make sure it was performing properly. The valves on the left cylinder tick a bit, I didn't adjust them yet. The clutch lever, though adjusted to specification is a bit to close to the bars for me. I like my clutch to dis-engage close to the end of travel, but not to close. Five minutes and a pair of pliers will fix that. Once I got past the bike I noticed what I had been ignoring at this point. It was taking a lot of effort to bend my tow down to shift. Funny, I don't remember that being the case before surgery. smile.gif I have the low seat on, so maybe switching back to the high touring seat with make that better. Of course, the seat is also adjustable for 3 positions on this bike, so that's an option.


About 3/4 of the way into my ride I was on a 5 lane road, the last road on the way into work as my commute is only about 4 miles. Anyway, I am shifting through the gears and it hits me... This is niiiiiiiiiiiiice. smile.gif I am riding again. It's going to take a while before this feels as good as it used to. My body protests even still to the leg position and I am always worried about the bike, but as I tell my friends.... this too shall pass. I am back where I belong.... smile.gif

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Great to see you home again Bro'


I did a big trip after knee surgery and it got better petty quick. Great trip, even though the company was pretty dodgy...

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It's amazing isn't it? I felt the same way after almost 9 months off after my shattered elbow surgery. When you get back on it's like you've missed who you are and you found it again....it feels nice to be back in your own skin.

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Yeah, so you're riding again.

















































Great news. thumbsup.gifthumbsup.gif

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Good for you. thumbsup.gif By the way what type of surgery did you have on your knee?


I had ACL replacement surgery using the tendon on the front of the knee (spliced off) to replace the ACL. I also tore the meniscus and broke the top of the tibia.


It was a bad one... crazy.gif



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It's funny how much we appreciate life's pleasures when they are taken away from us for a period of time. Congrats on the recovery.


By the way, what's up with the fence? Is it to keep bad people out or to keep the employees in? eek.gif



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