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Anyone actually using theirs yet? I've tried a couple of different interfaces for using directly with an Autocom headset, but they have not worked well. Tonight I made a radio cord to use between the FTM-10SR and the Autocom which may be the only viable option until Bluetooth for the radio and helmet headsets are available. It desk tests well, but so did the other interfaces. Will give it a try on the bike over the weekend.


Just curious about other's experiences.

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Not yet, still waiting to see how to interface it to the Autocom. Did you build a cable to connect to the CTM-11 or did you connect it directly to the base unit?

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I initially wired the CTM-11 directly to the Autocom headset through a mic/ptt interface I built. That worked poorly. This evening I rewired the CTM-11 to a plug to use with the Autocom aux input just as you would any other radio. If there is a higher quality headset out there with good noise cancelling characteristics, it should be simple to interface it directly to the radio. It may be best to wait for the Bluetooth, but that may be some time for the bugs to be worked out, both with the radio BT units and the development of BT headsets with enough battery life and quality to work well.


I hate to use the Autocom or any other comm unit for that matter. Just takes up a lot more space and makes things more complicated than I want although I've been using them for years.

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At my age, I don't buy green bananas anymore. I understand not wanting to be a pioneer....with all those arrows in your back. This is an interesting radio, but if you can't lose the comm unit, it's not really that much better than many other amateur radio solutions out there. I'll use it with the comm unit for now, but will continue to experiment with other headsets and interface circuits until I can get rid of the Autocom.

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