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Oil leak showing at join between engine and gearbox casings


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My 2006 R1200RT has done just over 9,500miles and I have just noticed evidence of the dreaded oil leak which so many R1200GS owners have/are suffering. The leak to which I refer is caused by a failed oil seal or seals between engine and gearbox and shows up as a smudge of oil which oozes from the join between the engine and gearbox casings at the side and base of the engine. My thought on this is that so many R1200GS owners have picked up on this problem because that area of their machine is visible whereas on the RT the whole is covered up by the tupperware. Has anyone else experienced this problem with an R1200RT or is it time you all got your torches out and had a good look under your bike?

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Just had my transmission seal replaced a month or so ago ('06 R12RT, 12k miles). The dealer also had to replace the clutch plate due to contamination. It happens, hopefully never again. eek.gif

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I'm taking mine in in 2 weeks for the same problem. 07 Rt with 12,000 miles.

I noticed that after not using a drop of oil for the first 7 or 8 thousand miles , it all of a sudden started needing oil.



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Oh Nooooooooooooooo


Book it in as soon as you can. I have had the dreaded oil leak but at 30,000miles and the clutch - bike - was not covered any more by warranty


First sign of a problem was a mysterious increase in revs whilst cruising down the M11, then nothing for a week before it went again.....

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My '05 R1200RT with 33000km is going in on Monday to have either the output seal or the balance shaft seal replaced.


I am happy to have picked up on it now - the warranty runs out in about 5 weeks.

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This is so common as to be a standard procedure. Nearly everyone I know with a pre-mid year 06 R1200 has had to have the trans seals replaced. Fortunately it doesn't seem to be a big deal after replacement as only two I have heard of needed them redone.


My dealer believes it is a factory installation issue because they are replacing them with the same part numbers with good results.


Jim cool.gif

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