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Bizzarre Oil Loss...


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I just spent about 45 minutes writing up an interesting and unusual problem I had with my RT. It's too bad the website spit me out before I could submit it. It's all gone. I apologize, I just don't have the time or energy to do it all over again...

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Most of us have been bitten by the dreaded timeout at one time or another. Next time write your post in Word or wherever, the cut and paste into here.


We'd still like to hear about your oil problem though...

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Sometimes too much information is counterproductive and people shy off replying because you have covered all the possibilities and no-one else knows either!


Your thread sets a new trend by giving no information other than an intriguing title. But it could be fun to try......


Have you checked your oil filter and drain plug are still there?


Have you detected any sign of leak around the clutch housing (I'm thinking seal gone and oil now in clutch).


Have you ever checked your oil before now?


I could move on to some other bits of the bike but I am about to be timed out, so:


Give us a clue confused.gif

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I know it is a different engine ( same principle ) but I had a 96 R1100RS that I was anal about keeping the oil "full" ( 3/4 glass or above ). It used gads of oil all the time and it was well broken in.


Someone told me if the oil is visible don't top it off and after that I didn't. After an oil change it would make it's way down to the dot in the glass or a tad lower and never used oil again between changes.


Moral of the story ...... some bikes spit out anything over half a sight glass so it is a never ending battle trying to keep it "full".


If it is in the glass, I leave it alone.



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