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Originally posted by itchtybro (Phil Fuson)


I felt it worthwhile to re-post what my pal Greg "Slime" Hime parked on our local rider board. (We recently figured out we've been riding over 40 years. Spooooky!)


Thanks Phil for posting this. Jim was one of my best friends (itchy being my oldest and dearest) I had only known him for about 10 years, but it seemed like it was much longer than that as we had very similar upbringings.I also worked with him daily on most of his projects.He is the reason I work where I do. I was the last person to speak to jim, as he was trying to locate Phil and was concerned he was ok. I sent him back to look for Phil, but they never found each other.


I was also supposed to be there, but had planned to only do the road atlanta leg of the trip.


Jim was a very meticulous person about everything he did, so his "house" was in order. There were over 700 people at visitation! You can not find anyone that knew him, that didn't like him! Phil and I were pallbearers and we were honored to be asked. Phil and I were a very select few who Jim would ride with. He had to trust you a lot to ride with you, as he preferred to travel alone, on his own time.


Jim's son Josh has been a rock for his mother. Josh wanted to pick out the casket, so he got one with lots of chrome, because he knew jim would think it was cool! It has been extra tough because his wife and my x were best friends. There was not a week went by that our families were not together until my divorce. It was hard to be around all that too.


I was only asked twice to sell "that damn motorcyle", but that was my sister ( who lost a good friend a month ago to a motorcycle wreck in grainger county).


One of the things josh said to me when he asked me to be a pallbearer was that his father had died doing what he loved on the motorcycle he loved! I think that's what matters the most. He didn't work all his life only to retire and die before doing what he wanted. He had gone to bike week every year for 9 years just to ride with a friend and watch the races and the people. I always said I would go, but never made it, and that too makes me sad. I know he is in a better place and I will see him again someday. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers, he deserved them.









Rider Down/Jim Garvey



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