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Going from an RT to LT - anybody?


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Kind of considering an LT for more comfort for both of us. Big mistake?


Or just keep what I have and get the Russells?


I'm very content with the RT but she isn't for extended periods.

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Depends on what you want from the bike. My first BMW is a 2000LT and never have been able to make it comfortable. Bought a Corbin, didn't work, sold that and then have had the seat re-done three times. Still not comfortable (48K miles). The bike is top heavy and under powered. Once under way it is a nice bike and is much better (IMOP)for two up than the RT's. I have two RT's, a 99 and 03, IMOP, they are better suited for one up. The LT likes open highways and requires more effort in traffic than the lighter RT's. You gotta try the bike for yourself and decide. For me I wouldn't purchase another LT after having the RT's. If I was getting the bike for two up I'd get an 1800 wing. (I had three wings before the BMW's)The most comfortable bikes I have are the GS's, nice in the summer. It's a decision only you can make.

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I did it the other way around. Had a K1100LT...liked the bike but could not get comfortable on it. My RT is better in that respect but I am still working on comfort issues. I am certain that being old, out of shape and fat has nothing to do with it grin.gif

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Thanks all. I think I've heard enough to confirm my suspicions. The potential for real comfort is there but there is a price to pay, primarily weight.


I know what you mean about the rototiller, I sat on one the other night.


Now what about an Ultra Classic....just kidding wink.gif

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Are you a big guy? Riding solo, let alone loaded or two-up, I had an issue with the stock shocks bottoming out.

Got some Wilbers coming.


As for the seat, I've also heard great things about Rick Mayer, and his prices compare very well with Russell or Corbin.

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Believe it or not, my first BMW was a 1999 LT. My wife had been suffering on the back of my Suzuki Intruder 1500LC. Love it for 2 up riding. Smooth on the highway, but a challenge for in-town traffic. Nice to take to the grocery store, though. But after having our first child in 2001, she quit riding with me. I went through a number of BMWs, getting all the way down to an F650CS. Recently got my first RT. WOW. Wish I had gotten one from the beginning. Better in town and great on the highway. 2 up is not quite as comfy so I would say if you are going to do a lot of touring and want to gobble up Interstate miles, the LT is fantastic. If you are going to occasionally go 2 up and your rider and you are comfy on the RT, go with the RT. I just love mine and haven't thought about an LT for awhile now. If Nancy ever wants to do more serious touring, I may just look at getting a used LT to add to the garage as they can be had for less than a new LT.



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Tongue in cheek, no offense. No complaints about them other than the noise from aftermarket pipes, too loud for my taste. I rode a UC one time and thought this fits nice. I'm always admiring the seats on them because they look so darn comfortable. I've rarely seen any with custom seats. I ride with several HD owners and we are always visiting the dealers and checking out the bikes.


Nope, not a big guy so the weight of the RT is just right. We may look at the LT later when we have more time to go and stay gone.

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I had a 05 LT and if I had the cash I'd still own it, with my GS. I loved that bike and rode 26K miles in one year on it. The newer ones handle much better and have plenty of oomph.. Ii is all about what you desire from a bike. Test ride one and than decide. YMMV.Just my 0.02 cts...

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