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shift lever adjustment


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Has anyone adjusted the shift lever on a R1200RT to accomodate larger boots? I need more room "under" the lever to be comfortable. I see an adjustable rod in the linkage but I am afraid this will change the travel of the lever and not accomplish my goal of fitting my Aerostich boots under the shifter.

Should I reposition the lever on the main shaft instead of messing with the adjustable linkage?

Any history to report?



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I had the exact same problem when I bought my new (new to me smile.gif ) 06 R1200RT. I never had a problem on my K-bike but for the life of me I couldn't get my toe under the shifter on the RT. I ended up catching the end of the shifter to shift. I changed over to the Touratech shifter and I'm a happy camper. I *did* have some minor alignment problems with the bolt when I put it on (which others have reported) but after fiddling for a few minutes it went on ok. I love it!!!


Touratech Shift Lever

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This from the Hammerhead website: "The stock shift lever arm mounts to the engine on a splined shaft. It can be removed and rotated clockwise or counter-clockwise on the splined shaft to move the lever tip up or down."


I adjusted mine to a comfortable position. No problem. thumbsup.gif

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+1 for the Touratech shift lever (Part Number: 047-0140). Also +1 for trouble with reinstalling the bolt once the shiftr was mounted but it eventually went together. The adjustable length of the lever allowed me to fit my very thick toe, size 12 Harley boots underneath the shifter.

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What I did was simply loosen the bolt that holds the shift lever. Just loosened it and rotated it a notch or two- tighten back up put the panel back. No problem, no cost either. Took about 15 minutes going slow.

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For some of us old farm clods with big feet and big boots, the amount of adjustment by rotating the stock lever on the splines just isn't enough. I moved it as much as I could until it started hitting the tupperware on the upshift and I still had trouble getting my toe underneath. That's why I went with the Touratech. Whatever it takes to make a great machine match up just that many more people!

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